You want to get to know .tiarda personally?

You want to get to know .tiarda personally?

Fantastic! You want to connect your heating to me so I can use with my incredible range of functions to help?!

Well, before we can start, we must complete a few steps to log in and connect to the heating system. Of course I'll help you.


To use .tiarda via Messenger, simply add .tiarda to your friend network and then we can start chatting.

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Installation Guide (PDF 0.6 MB)

Installation Video

Connect .tiarda with your EasyControl thermostat from Bosch to unlock all the benefits

Step 1: Making contact

To contact me, just search for .tiarda home on Facebook or, even easier, use this link.

Click "Send message" and then "Get Started", and .tiarda will guide you through the process of connecting to your heating.

Step 2: Compatibility check

In this step, we need to find out which controller you have to work out how we can connect to each other so that you can actually use all of my functions.

If you have a compatible controller (namely an EasyControl from Bosch), you can connect your heater to .tiarda by clicking on the provided link.

Step 3: Logging in and granting access

If you have a compatible controller, you need to log into your Bosch account after confirming the conditions of use and grant me access to your controller.

The Bosch account is the same account that you used for the Bosch EasyControl app.

Step 4: Connecting the controller

The final step is to enter your login information for the controller and the user password you originally used in the app.

You can also simply use the QR code scanner to add the login information.

Step 5: All done

You're all done and can now use all the available functions.

Take a look at the function overview.