Advantages of smart controls

Controlling your heating from your smart phone pays off twice: You save valuable heating costs and live more comfortably at the same time.

Controlling heating costs via the EasyControl app

With a digitally connected heating system, you can save about a quarter of your annual energy costs. A decisive advantage over conventional heating controls lies in the ability to control it remotely: in your app, you have access to your heating at any time and visibility on the system's energy consumption. You can see all relevant data clearly displayed at a glance.

You don't have to be an expert to make adjustments to the system via the Bosch EasyControl app. The app prepares the key figures in an appealing way and thus enables you to optimise heating costs.

Only heat when someone is at home

Controlling the heating remotely also means that you can access your system from anywhere. This is a clear advantage, because you can decide when you want to heat and when you don't, anywhere and at any time.

For example, if you are in the office during the day, it is not worth running the heating continuously. To avoid freezing when you get home, you can turn on the heating on the way back via the Bosch EasyControl app or .tiarda , your virtual assistant.

If you wish, the Bosch EasyControl can even use geofencing to tell you when you're coming home and automatically turn up the heating in time. You should also let the heating run in setback mode before a journey. However, the room temperature should not fall below 15 degrees, otherwise there is a risk of mould. Before returning home, it is then advisable to turn up the heating while on the road and preheat the house.

Comfortable living thanks to connected technology

For you as a consumer, digital control is one thing above all: convenience. After all, you can manage your heating from the comfort of your sofa via your smartphone or voice control.

You can live even more comfortable and at the same time save energy if you have the option of adjusting the temperature in your rooms as required using intelligent thermostatic valves on the radiators and a smart heating thermostat, such as the Bosch EasyControl. Because in an intelligently connected smart home, you also avoid common sources of error, such as rooms that are too warm or too cold. As a rough rule, the optimum temperature in the living room is between 21 and 23 degrees, while the bathroom can be warmer and the bedroom cooler.