Control the heating from your phone

A modern smart heating system can be easily installed and controlled remotely with your phone.

Easy installation of smart heating

A specialist will help you set up your internet-connected heating system. Installation is particularly easy with the modern Worcester Bosch appliances, for example the 8000 or 2000 condensing boilers. These boilers are perfectly optimised for remote control and can be set up in just a few steps.

Bosch EasyControl

In addition to the heating system, you need a suitable thermostat, such as the Bosch EasyControl , which is compatible with all Worcester Bosch heating systems, as well as with the Bosch intelligent radiator valves. The installer retrofits the existing radiators, mounts the thermostat on the wall and connects it to the heating system via the EasyControl RF Key or a 2-core cable.

Once the thermostat has connected to the Wi-Fi, the installation takes just a few steps.

Control and manage the heating from your phone

After your installer has set up and connected the heating, you can take control via the app.

To do this, open the manufacturer's app on your smartphone - in the case of the Bosch EasyControl, this is the Bosch EasyControl app - and access your heating system via your Wi-Fi network. Many settings and adjustments can be made individually via the app. You can also transfer online remote maintenance rights to your installer; in this case, he logs in with his professional account.

In addition to the app and the thermostat, you also have the option of controlling your Bosch EasyControl via voice control.

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